We are all makers

When I was young, I get addicted to computer games. This made me want to write computer codes.

When I read a book, I often thought of the way to write it better. This got me into book business later on.

They say everyone is a maker. I am not sure if it is everyone but it is certainly true in my case. I feel I have something inside myself that wants to create.

I have always had an interest in DIY. Anyway, the one thing I dislike about DIY though is that not many DIY projects are really practically usable albeit long-lasting. Currently I have moved to the area of woodworking. It is something like DIY but more practically usable and beautiful.

In the past this kind of things were just hobbies. These days it has gone beyond that. Modern technologies allow us to create stuffs that are just like what large corporations sell to consumers. You can prototype your inventions cheaply using tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers and so on. If you don’t have enough money to do it, you can also fund your projects on Kickstarter.com. It is no longer mere hobbies. It can become a business.

Some says the maker movement is a fight against large corporations. IMHO, it is not always the case. In fact, it can complement mass productions by large corporations. To be able to mass-produce, the market must be large enough to a certain point. So for some application, it is not worthwhile for large corporations to mass produce, so they just ignore those market. The maker movement can fulfill these gaps by producing in small batches to serve specific markets at premium price. The online handmade marketplace like Etsy.com is one example of that.

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