Zuckerberg could be nicer than he appears to be.

The movie “The Social Network” portrayed Mark as a heartless geek who determined to crush anyone who got into his way of making success.

To me, the real Mark might be a different person entirely. First of all, the fact that he allowed the film producer to portray him anyway they like suggested how broad-minded he is. You would never see a multi-millionaires in Thailand let this happens for sure.

Secondly, Mark has decided to donate 99% of his wealth to charity. This means money is not his primary motivation. This goes against the belief that western values only make people more selfish. On the contrary, I haven’t seen Thai millionaires dare to do the same, although we tend to claim that our social values are more virtuous. Ironically, Mark himself is an atheist.

Shortly after Facebook went public, its stock price dropped considerably. He told investors not to worry as the company needed time to revamp itself and would come back stronger soon. Now it is apparent that he could deliver what he has promised. Facebook’s earnings is now stronger than ever. He was able to resist the temptations to please investors short-term and did what was best for the company. I admire him a lot in this regard.

He might look unprofessional on stage. He also looks too young to manage his gigantic empire. We definitely cannot judge people by their outer appearances.  

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