This Generation

Recently I came across this book entiled “This Generation: dispatches from China’s most popular blogger” by Han Han. It’s a collection of selected blog posts by a young Chinese celebrity who is a car racer and a novelist in mainland China. Growing up in rurals, Han Han discovered that to be a car racer and novelist are among very few jobs in China that does not require high education to get ahead so he aimed for these career path and became very successful.

His blogs discussed social injustice and political issues in China so openly that some posts were erased within a few minutes by the government after being posted. It’s a good chance for those who do not read Chinese (e.g. myself) to have an insight into the Chinese society.

I found that social problems in China is strikingly similar to those in Thailand in which people are so brainwashed by some propagandas that they cannot think otherwise and witchhunt those who think differently. Although his writings might sound too critical for some people, he does have a very good knowledge ground to back up his viewpoints. He seems to understand the principle of liberty, freedom and democracy very well.

All in all, this book inspired me. I think the author and I have so much in common. China and Thailand have similar hidden problems waiting to be resolved. It’s helpful to broaden your perspectives by learning as much as possible about other countries instead of closing our eyes and keep tell ourselves we are the greatest nation or our problems are unique and must be solved only by our own ways.  

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