2-in-1 stool

I love woodworking projects with creative features. This one is 2-in-1 stools which can be used as a ladder. It is perfect for an apartment with limited space.

It was not my own design though. I found this on the internet. The design is quite perfect, so I decided not to modify it at all. Here you go the 2-in-1 stools.



Attention to details – Cherry chopstick box with Walnut lid

This new design of chopstick box empathizes on details. The bottom is chamfered and recessed to create small shadow beneath the box. Cherry and walnut are working in combination to create a unique look. The item is preserved with 100% food safety oil and coated with bee wax.

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This month I decided to also bought 400 pieces of custom-made conjugated boxes so that products will be shipped in the box that matches the dimensions better. Based on the current speed of selling, it would takes me 4-5 years to use up all the boxes. So, it is kind of crazy to do this, not to mention, the new business cards.

All these attempts were done to improve the products and services of my Etsy shop the best I could. Attention to details would be the new motto in the next phase of my Etsy shop.


Where we belong (2019)

Sue was an upcountry girl living in Chantaburi. Upon high school graduation, she decided to travel to Finland. So, she had to resolve issues with her family, friends and lovers before leaving Thailand for good. Over the course of her attempts to do so, she discovered that it was not at all an easy task.

In my opinion, the best thing about this film was the way it portrayed modern lives in Thailand downtown upcountry. It’s very realistic and up-to-date. In fact, you hardly find Thai movies that can do just that. Nowadays many of us still think people in the upcountry are making a living growing rice, so on and so forth.

The film stars three members of the idol band, BNK48. They were all acting very well. Anyway, for all the BNK48 fans, do not expect to see them sing and dance cheerfully in the movie. In fact, the movie is quite slow-paced and the mood and tone is rather depressing. It’s certainly an intense drama film.

The film was directed and screenplayed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee, one of my favorite Thai film director. He is such an excellent screenwriter.

My rating is 8/10.


Design is a mystical subject – Paper trays

Design is mystical. Sometime it is just a matter of a few centimeter of difference in dimensions that turn an ugly piece into a sleek one.

For this particular piece, I did nothing different from the previous version except for narrowing down the height of the tray. They mystically look very much improved.

One of the secrets to fine woodworking I also discovered from this project was to abstain from thinking of the entire process while working on the task at hand. Do every step as if it is the only step required for the finishing goods. Regard every step as equally important. This includes maintenance steps such as sharpening chisels. At the end when you put everything together for the final piece, you will be amazed at the outcome.

But this item



The protruding finger joinery

One valuable lesson I got from this project was to hand plane the stocks before cut them to length. This way if there were cracks during hand planing which normally occurs at the rims. They will be eliminated by cutting to length afterwards.



The property business around Bangkok

I found this restaurant on Google Map. The store has been around for years absolutely unbeknownst to me. The place was perfect. The food was fantastic. I cannot believe there could be such a wonderful restaurant around my neighborhood.

This proved to me once again that a great restaurant need no good location. People are willing to drive a long way to enjoy it. It is an exceptional characteristic of the food business.

Generally speaking, location is one of the most important factors in any retail business. The best locations are most likely located in the heart of the city. In such a place, one cannot afford to own, because it is going to be a huge investment. In fact, most of the best locations are not for sale. You have to rent them at a whopping price. That’s why many retail businesses do not succeed. They hardly make both ends meet.

For restaurants, things are different. As long as the food is great and the overall service is not too bad. You don’t need prime location. You can go suburb. You could even own the location, because they are not that expensive, either. This way you do not only earn profit from your food business but also enjoy the gradual price appreciation of the property simultaneously. The success rate of your business increases significantly.

Speaking of the retail property, Bangkok has too many old-fashioned commercial buildings. They make the city look ugly. Worse yet, the value of these buildings is declining due to traffic problem and the lack of parking spaces around Bangkok. It can be very risky to purchase these building. In fact, they are being replaced by condominiums which I am whole-heartedly endorsing  this trend, because they make the city look better.

So if you want to start a retail business in Bangkok, I suggest you rent spaces in the shopping malls. Don’t buy or rent old-fashioned commercial buildings. If you really want to own the retail property, buy new projects or even go suburbs and purchase a piece of land and build a custom store on your own. In the latter case, retail food businesses are among the best choices.

For residential property, things do not look brighter. Thai people do not like to buy second-hand due to superstitious reasons. Also, Thailand does not have tax-incentives to buy second-hand houses unlike in the US or in many countries. So, the demand of this market is not that big. You can flip the condos because of high demands in some urban areas but it’s quite risky. In addition, there are not high demands either if you decide to invest in a condo and rent it out. People who can afford to pay for the rent are also able to buy for themselves. The market of condo rentals is in the very high-end and the very low-end, but they both required a very high investment upfront.

That’s why I am not very keen about property investment in Bangkok. I find investments the stock markets are much more attractive.


Daily routine by design

The most effective way to accomplish a long-term goal is to incorporate tasks required to achieve the goal into your daily routine and focus on practicing those tasks instead of obsessively thinking about the goal itself.

I am starting to do just that.

In my case I have several long-term goals e.g. good health, good investment returns, small business endeavor, developing art skills, etc. My typical weekday would look somewhat like this.

  • 6am wake up
  • 7am cook and eat healthy breakfast
  • 8am go to the gym
  • 10am hang out at a cafe to read, listen and write
  • 12pm have lunch
  • 4pm stop by supermarket to buy material for tomorrow breakfast
  • 6pm Youtube/Netflix time
  • 11pm go to bed

Nevertheless, due to the traffic, I could not do this the day I travel to my parent house to practice woodworking. So, during those days (normally 2 days a week), I will do nothing but switching between woodworking and Netflix time for the entire day. Also, during weekends, I have to relax my schedule a bit to accommodate time for my family.

From now on, I will try and stick to this routine as much as possible. Let have my fingers crossed.